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Golden Olive

From at-home catering to a small "mom & pop" restaurant, a father with a dream of making something out of nothing took a risk and always had faith and believed in his wife's pita bread recipe. Nasser, the head chef, began his chef journey in Lebanon, where he worked as a busboy. Luckily, the head chef at Tower Club took Nasser under his wing and taught him the chemistry of cooking. To his surprise, Nasser turned out to have the soul and magic touch in every recipe he encountered. Nasser was recruited to start up a hotel in Dubai. He took his experiences and adventures from Libya, Cypress, Lebanon, and Dubai to Egypt to take care of his wife and two children. In Egypt, Maryam and Nasser put their hands together and opened a French bakery, and business flourished as they were respected among the community for using the best quality ingredients. The family, now of 5, migrated to the U.S in 2009, and Nasser began cleaning bathrooms at a gas station. Maryam said that not a day went by where they didn't mention returning back home. A year passed, and the bakery got burnt down, so then Nasser didn't let a day pass by without mentioning a new business idea to Maryam. Friends suggested they start catering. Despite the stress, customers were always surprised to come to Maryam and Nasser's house and find it squeaky clean. From their 3 bedroom home, with 4 children, they catered a wedding, funerals, and organizational gatherings.


Address: 3801 Warner Ave Ste B&C Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phone: (657) 300-2815