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Keystone Cravings

The founder is allergic to nuts, but loves the idea of giving uniquely blended homemade healthy treats as gifts. One year, c. 2010, she baked a hostess gift to bring to a friend's party. The gift she brought was a small batch of chipotle spiced pumpkin seeds that she made in her home kitchen. The next time this same friend had a party, the hostess' husband ran out to say "Hello", and asked, "Did you bring those pumpkin seeds again"? Well, she did, and he quickly requested that she not to tell his wife. He then politely grabbed them from her hands, while saying "Thanks", and then immediately ran into the house (probably to hide them) Haha. Basically, he wanted keep them all for himself.


Address: 1600 Dove St, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (949) 533-1197