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Mazemen is a delicious Japanese ramen dish without any broth. It is usually served on a thick ramen with minced pork that is flavored in chili pepper and garlic-treated soy sauce. “Mazemen” literally translates to “mixed noodles” in English. So you really have to mix the noodles well in order to eat it properly. After all the noodles are eaten it is a Japanese tradition to add a scoop of white rice into the mix that is left in the bowl. This is called “Oi-Meshi.” And it is a new and tasty way to finish your meal!

Additional ingredients such as Japanese leeks, fish powder, poached eggs, seaweed flakes, and scallions are also part of the fun. Mix all of them well and enjoy a whole new spin on ramen!


Address: 2969 Fairview Rd Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: (714) 760-4811