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Piccolino Ristorante

Destiny at times plays a big part in people's lives, Sal's destiny was to be in the restaurant business in California from a very young age. Born in Chicago in the late 60's from Sicilian immigrants and raised in the family restaurants his parents owned.

Sal's father left Sicily and his families restaurants to migrate to America with his wife Caterina and immediately opened up Congresso Restaurant still open in Chicago. They later opened Victors Pizza and La Cantina Ristorante Italiano.

As Sal was growing up mom and dad had made up their mind that Chicago was a cold place to live and winters were long and hard to adapt coming from the warm island of Sicily. In 1978 they had informed little Sal they were moving back to the home land. It was then than little Sal (12 at the time) decided he was running away from home and heading to California. The only problem was he decided to take advice (fortunately) from his troop leader in the boy scouts and Mr. Barney decided to bring him right back home to his parents informing them of his thoughts.


Address: 28719 Los Alisos Blvd Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Phone: (949) 380-7261