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Steel Pan Pizza

Detroit Pizza tells a story of resourcefulness. Known as being an industrial mecca often referred to as Motortown City, back in the forties, Gus Guerra of Buddy’s Pizza began using the steel pans typically used for automotive parts, readily available in the area to make their versions of a Sicilian style pizza. Their decision to do so created a new distinct style of pizza with a unique texture profile. Detroit pizza puts a lot of focus on the quality of the crust. The main goal is a marriage of crisp bottoms and edges with a light and airy crumb with enough chew so that you know you’re not eating cake. Those textures don’t often coexist and if they do, the moment is fleeting. Often, crisp edges are met with a dense and tough crumb, Detroit pizza isn’t just a vessel for cheese and toppings with a throw away crust but a celebration of finely crafted dough all the way through that is accented by the flavors of the cheese and toppings.


Address: 12885 Beach Blvd Ste 113 Stanton, CA 90680
Phone: (714) 379-6935