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The Olde Ship

Thank you for joining us aboard The Olde Ship British Pub and Restaurant – A British, family-owned and operated traditional pub since 1993. A place where my late father and founder, Dougie, enjoyed a true imperial pint and an authentic British meal. A perfectly-paired vision, very dear to him and an idea that I still hold true today.

My crew and I believe that quality over quantity reigns supreme aboard "TheShip". Many of you may not know this, but we make the majority of our products from scratch. In an era of pre-prepped and microwaveable packaging, we have done everything possible to stay away from this culinary trend and deliver the very best that we can. Whilst it certainly costs us more, both in raw material and labour, we believe that it shines through in the authenticity and quality of our meals. Recently, we invested in new kitchen equipment to bake our handmade pies right when you order them.The Cod and Haddock in our fish and chips is frozen directly aboard ships from sustainable sources in Iceland or Alaska. Our salmon is also all natural wild caught in Denmark and all of our fish is thawed here on site and hand trimmed daily. Even the Prawns come from wild sustainable fisheries located in the Gulf of Mexico. The Free Range Chicken we use is local Mary's Organic from here in California, where she raises them humanely and cruelty free. We also take a great deal of pride in our beef from Harris Ranch and certified California Angus. Even our potatoes are peeled, boiled and and mashed daily (which is why you get the occasional lump). It is this dedication to quality ingredients that we hope you will recognize in our foods and how we strive to keep this your, "local."

This dedication to quality and authenticity is also evident in the bar where our pints are still authentic 20 ounce versions while other's "pints," are a mere 12-14 ounces. I invite you to measure next time. Our proprietary nitrogen gas system also ensures that the true flavour of our beers do not alter due to straight CO2.

We recognize the need to streamline our menu in order to continually improve and fulfill my father's vision. We recognize the need to make room for new specials and ideas coming from trends in the UK and consider it our responsibility to bring you the most authentic experience possible. A past favourite of yours may disappear, but rest assured that it may come back as an even better special. We hope that you understand that in order to ensure our high standards of quality, we can't just offer everything like those with a cafeteria style of cooking, boiling and microwaving meals.

We hope that you enjoy your voyage aboard The Olde Ship and truly consider it your, local. A place where my father did, and I very much do believe, "You'll be a Stranger Here But Once!"


Address: 709 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832
Phone: (714) 871-7447